"A well-balanced combination of work, reflection, humour, good nutrition and self-confidence are the ingredients you need to live a happy and efficient life" - Wayne Dyer -

I Am Sport is an innovative company that encompasses personal growth, sport and nutrition. The promoters of I Am Sport after more than 37 years dedicated to personal growth, sport and nutrition, decided to unify experiences and include all disciplines in the same course.

I AM SPORT has a Framework Collaboration Agreement with the Spanish Olympic Committee's Athlete Assistance Office, due to the compatibility and coincidence of common objectives.

I Am Sport proposes that instead of explaining the values of leadership, teamwork, sport, nutrition and mindfulness, we "put on" our trainers and sportswear and, together with Olympic or elite sportsmen and women and the staff specialised in the different subjects, experience the excellence of high performance, implementing it in their working environments.


I Am Sport has launched an executive training method based on personal growth, high-performance sport and good nutrition.

A better way to deal with pressures at work or strategies to gain management skills for executives is to use the teachings of high performance sport and personal growth to improve work skills.



Employee wellbeing is a conscious and responsible commitment of 21st century sustainable business.

Increase the skills of your employees and their relationships with each other through I Am Sport's Business Campuses, where they will practice team sports, as well as personal growth classes and healthy eating.

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